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Non Commercial BeeTrakka Lite

BeeTrakka Lite

Cheaper than a Netflix account… or one cup of coffee a week.

Best suited for apiary owners who have 1-100 hives.

Be ahead of the rest and have confidence knowing that your data is secure and safe.

Built on the same technology as the commercial version, BeeTrakka Lite users can enjoy the same robust solution as the full version.

Software that can grow as your business needs change.

BeeTrakka Lite is not just software its a solution for running your apiary and capturing daily activities, honey records extractions, and more.


Lite BeeTrakka


The Apiary Tracking App

Hive Tracking

Individual Hive Tracking lets you track detailed records about each individual hive. This data is linked to a location for those. Hives inforamation and movement between locations is tracked.

Lite Locations

Site Recon & GPS

Allows a single user access in the field to mark the exact GPS coordinates for potential site locations. Check water sources and max flight paths on the fly. GPS marked pins have the load information and their status.

Shifting Bees

A user will be able to shift individual hives to new locations using the app. At the same time update the water source, floral types and the site conditions for each individual load.

Hive Tracking

Property Owner, Supplier & Delivery Tracking

Keep tabs on anyone involved with your bees from the Property Owner to the delivery of honey. Supplier records can be tracked as well.


How the app works

Web Console

BeeTrakka Lite


Hive management software is a web based portal that does not require users to have an APP. It has access to a FREE App that works on Apple or Android. It simplifies the management of recording daily activities and information about hives.

BeeTrakka Lite Online software is all about the health of your bees. Offering fingertip information and access to your data in a secure environment.

Built for the Australian Bee Hobbyist and hosted in Australia.

BeeTrakka Lite shows everything about your bees and gives you access to data in real-time for better decision making. Making life easier for Non Commercial Apiary owners.

The missing piece of the puzzle and an easy way to keep track of day to day hive information, observations, compliance, data and more.


The Apiary Tracking App

BeeTrakka Lite

BeeTrakka Lite Web Console Monthly Subscription $2.00

Single user only. No multi user access.

Hive Tracking Only

GPS Locations, Honey Records

Activity Logging, Reporting

Extraction Records

Delivery Tracking

Admin Settings



Self Help Install…

Installation of the software is based on self help. All documents and help information are included in the main web console.


Need Help

Initial Install Support…

Assisted Setup and Training $80.00

12 + 13 =

Who should buy this?

Best suited for…

Hive Tracking

Apiary owners that have 1 – 100 hives

Any beekeeper who would like to have confidence in the records that they need to keep for biosecurity.

Owners wanting to meet 5 year history and record keeping requirements for compliance.

Beekeepers who would like more information about their apiary.

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