Protecting and increasing the value of your Apiary with secure system processes. Make more informed decisions based on real data.

Commercial Hive Tracking

The Beekeeping App used to manage all aspects of an apiary allowing beekeepers to update data as it happens.

Day to day running of a commercial apiary takes enough time as it is without the extra burden of keeping records on paper. Paper records make it hard to report on historical information. Paper records are slow and inefficient and time consuming when issues arise. Apiary owners can use historical data to make better decisions and  understand why certain loads performed better.

Individual hives or loads of hives can be recorded making it easier to meet biosecurity and industry regulation requirements. GPS location data links all loads, while allowing quick features like max flight path and water zones to be quickly identified.

Healthy apiaries require great owners to manage them, BeeTrakka our hive management software helps them by offering an easy to use app. The software works offline so while your out in the back blocks of Australia you can update your records and then when you return and have mobile reception the app will update the main server.

Hive Tracking


The Apiary Tracking App

Load Tracking

Tracking loads of bees in Australia has its challenges. Most places have no mobile coverage. BeeTrakka works offline so you are able to gather the information for a load, including the water source and site conditions as well as their location.

Hive Tracking

Site Recon & GPS

Allows operators in the field to mark the exact GPS coordinates for potential site locations. Check water sources and max flight paths on the fly. GPS marked pins have the load information and their status.  

Activity Tracking

Admin users can assign activities to a users device. When the user logs in, their activities are loaded to the screen. Track the status of anything from new equipment to bee hives & queens. Inspections and sample tests can also be tracked.

Property Owner, Supplier & Delivery Tracking

Keep tabs on anyone involved with your bees from the Property Owner to the delivery of honey. Supplier records can be tracked as well.

Shifting Bees

Users are able to shift bees to new locations using the app. At the same time update the water source, floral types and the site conditions for each individual load.


Have complete control over queen traceability with breeder information, queen banks, queen runs, cell starters, cell finishers, events and day tracking.

QR Codes

Individual hive tracking with QR Codes attached to the pallet and the hive. This makes for an easy way to update records as users are able to scan the QR Code and go straight to the record.

Batch Printing

Extractions are tracked by individual batch numbers. This is printed from the system which means no more manual hand writing on IBC’S and less errors.


How the app works

BeeTrakka hive management software works on Apple or Android and has a web interface to access the businesses data. It simplifies the management of recording data and information about hives and loads of bees.

BeeTrakka software is all about the health of your bees. Offering fingertip information and access to your data in a secure environment.

Built for the Australian Bee Industry and hosted in Australia.

 BeeTrakka shows everything about your bees and gives you access to data in real-time for better decision making. Making life easier for Apiary owners.

The easy way to keep track of day to day operations, observations, compliance, data and more.


The Apiary Tracking App

The BeeTrakka

Web Management Console Per Month Mandatory (4 Users) $47.00 AUD

Additional User Web Management Console Per Month (1 User) $12.00 AUD

Web Management, Tracking Hives,

GPS Locations, Honey Records

Activity Logging, Reporting,

Task Scheduling ,User Control

Maintenance Tracking, Delivery Tracking

Admin Settings, Extraction Records,

Employee Training Records…

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BeeTrakka Mobile

Hive App Mobile User Per Month (1 User)  $37.00  AUD


Mobile Access to most web portal functions

Mobile Reconnaissance, Mobile Hive/Loads,

Shifting bees, Inspections, Daily Activities…

Queens App Mobile User Per Month (1 User)  $37:00 AUD


Queen Tracking, Grafting Records,

Catch Records, Hive Events, Activities…

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Our Why

Our Mission, Our Vision


BeeTrakka delivers an innovative, cutting edge approach, focused on tracking and monitoring the health of bees and management of business processes for apiary owners. BeeTrakka will inspire a thriving apiary community by connecting people to technology that makes business easy.


BeeTrakka’s vision is to create software that allows apiary owners to be connected and up to date. Being tech connected and secure will help create a vast network of beekeepers to evolve into a vibrant community where apiary owners are thriving and leading the industry. How we will do this is to help this industry stay ahead of the curve by providing world class software that make their technology a valued tool to elevate their business rather than a headache to solve.

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